About Me

I have my own solo shop specializing in email marketing that I launched in July 2023. Previously, I was a partner at Connect Strategic, a digital marketing agency that mainly serviced political campaigns.

Before that, I earned my degree in aerospace engineering, wrote a thesis on internet piracy, and considered going to law school.

My Values

These values reflect my belief that you can strive for excellence in all endeavors while maintaining a strong moral compass.

Attention to detail


Digital Marketing

At Connect Strategic, I oversaw all client deliverables, with my top focus being on email marketing, online fundraising, and media buying.

My experience involved planning and running campaigns utilizing email, social media, Connected TV, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and online audio.

I also led a number of video projects, taking part in script writing, planning video shoots, executing shoots, and post-production editing.

Political Consulting

The vast majority of our clients at Connect Strategic were Republican political campaigns and causes.

I’ve helped candidates with their digital marketing from U.S. Senate to schools superintendent to city council.

Some have suggested to me that I should, in effect, hide my personal politics as it may turn off some potential clients.

I reject this idea because I think it’s wrong to hide who you are. It’s not right, and it prevents you from shining your brightest. Never be afraid to speak your mind.