In short:
I handle your email marketing so you can run your company while I convert your email subscribers into customers.

How I do it:
1) I plan automation and prepare a content calendar for individual campaigns
2) I design email templates and landing pages
3) I draft all the copy
4) I send the emails and comprehensively track performance
5) I constantly test and optimize to maintain performance

What I do differently: My Process
I put so much thought into my copy that if you point to a sentence or word, I can tell you my rationale for why I chose that wording.

The truth is, an email doesn’t start when you pull up a blank page. It starts long before by examining the content calendar, reviewing recent and not-so-recent email campaigns, and doing so for the specific segment you’re hoping to target with this new email.

Next, you look at the stats for those previous campaigns. You now have the data you need to know what this segment has been experiencing as part of your email list, and what kind of email campaign would be the next most impactful.

This research will affect word choice when drafting the latest email. This is where ChatGPT and entry-level hires miss the mark. They treat each email as a standalone communication, instead of as a chapter in an ongoing story.

This is why it’s so common for recipients on an email list to feel like they’re being spammed and that they’re in touch with a faceless, humanless corporation instead of a real person.

That’s a problem if the goal is to make sales.

What I do differently: My Values
If you wouldn’t say it to a lead face-to-face, don’t put it in a marketing email.

When I plan and write email campaigns, I view the recipients as valued individuals, not just targets. I do this simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Treating recipients as valued individuals means NOT sending them an obscene amount of emails, NOT outright lying to them, and NOT sneaking in upsells or additional charges.

By treating your recipients as valued individuals, they’ll stay subscribed longer, build a positive association with your name, and build trust in your brand. All of which makes them more likely to become future (or repeat) customers.

Please contact me for specific packages and to request writing samples.

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